Silicone Lift Straps Spinto USA

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Silicone Lift Straps Spinto

Spinto-24 Padded lifting straps with silicone:

Spint’s Lifting Straps for super grip in weightlifting exercises. Non-Slip Straps are in full covered with silicone dots, which allows you to make the whole set of exercises without interruptions. Boost your workout performance for more challenging advanced lifts and routines. 

Unisex Straps Lifting Equipment for men and women . Use it in bodybuilding, crossfit or powerlifting. Put yourself in the next level of exercises in pull-ups, deadlifts, chin-ups, lat pull downs, shrugs or rows. Target your specific muscle groups easily and watch your body transform safely, without your weak grip holding you back. Whether recovering from an injury or pushing yourself to the limit, the strap wrap aids to achieve goals securely and effectively. 

These lifting straps are made of best durable heavy duty cotton  with neoprene support pads. They are build to last and withstand the most extreme exercise conditions, combined with comfortable using. They are very easy to apply or remove during exercises. Fully adjustable and machine washable, very soft and comfortable. 

Safely improve your lifts and maximize your gains  – Push your boundaries to the limit with your weight lifting grips. Now you can throw up the most reps with the most weight of your life! Build strength evenly and optimum muscle appearance. Forget about wrist pain when lifting weights. Can also be used to protect an injured wrist or a healthy wrist when increasing the weight in your workouts. 


•Silicone integrated dots for super grip  in weightlifting exercises

•Durable heavy duty cotton

•Comfortable  neoprene supports pads  to prevent bruising and callouses

•Perfect size & length  – Lifting straps are designed for 2-3 wraps around the bar

•21" long and 1.5" wide, this strap maximizes gripping strength

•5mm foam padding protects the hands during lifting

•Increases traction and lifting safety while cushioning and protecting

•Sold as a pair

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