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As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules, once in the AM, and once in the PM.

Non Stimulant Fat Burner!  

• Extreme Fat burner 

• Increase endurance 

• Safe for Men and Women 

This all new fat burner from Primeval Labs was created on behalf of bodybuilders like Jerry Ward that were not particularly fond of fat burners with heavy stimulant effects. In any case nobody wants to be overly jittery or kept up all night by a stimulant-based fat burner. This is why Primeval has chosen to make Pyretic right alongside the other fat-burner Black Devil. Pyretic is equally as powerful at melting away your fat, it just does not use stimulants.

Pyretic by Primeval Labs can also be paired up with Black Devil. Lets say you want that stimulant edge in the morning but later in the day you want to unwind. Black Devil can hype you up all day and give you energy but when the end of the day comes you can use Pyretic. Pyretic will allow you to keep the fat burning up, but will not prevent you from sleeping, or relaxing for that matter.

Get All Of The Fat-Burning Benefits!

• No jitters

• No Crash

• Natural Energy

• Thermogenic

• Shred Fat

Acetyl L-Carnitine 

Acetyl L-Carnitine is vital for energy metabolism and helps to transport lipids to the cells so that they can be burned to produce ATP. The process of fat being converted into energy known as Oxidation. Additionally Acetyl L-Carnatine has been found to be a precursor to Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is useful as a neurotransmitter benefiting mental memory, attention, creative thought, and logical analysis.


Cyanidin-3-Glucoside is an ingredient rarely heard of YET. This compound is one of the extremely unique things about Pyretic. C3G helps to mobilize fatty acids (FAT) to be used as energy, while retaining glycogen storage. What this means for you is a leaner physique with optimal performance in the gym. This will keep your muscles full while stripping fat off your body. In turn helping you reach your physique goals at a much higher rate. The idea behind Pyretic was to perform at the highest level, mobilize fat with the highest possible ingredients, and maximize fat loss. C3G is a key component when it comes to this.


Myo-inositol-trispyrophosphate (ITTP) is the next in a first to market revolutionary ingredient added to Pyretic. This separates this compound from anything else out there. This is a pathway often missed in other fat burners, well not by us at Primeval Labs. ITTP is used to increase oxygen to the muscle, producing better results in physical performance, and allowing maximum caloric expenditure. Caloric expenditure is always going to be the end game when it comes to shedding pounds of fat, well what if you can work out harder, easier? That results in more calories being burned and over time will create a more fine tuned individual for sustainable weight control. By driving more oxygen to the muscles, your cardio improves, your strength improves, your ability to perform improves. No other fat burner on the market will deliver anything close to what Pyretic does.

Chromium Picolinate

A very under used and under appreciated ingredient in fat burners. The #1 reason weight loss is failed is the lack of adherence to a diet, so how does this help? What happens when you start dieting is your body goes through adjustments and during that time period, and during the duration of your diet, you typically will have ups and downs in blood sugar. This will cause cravings to go through the roof, and your body to chase those cravings to the eventual collapse and failure to stick to your diet. Chromium Picolinate will stabilize blood sugar levels keeping your body at an even state and keeping those cravings away. You will notice a much more even feel when dieting, less ups and downs, and cravings to be minimized.

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