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Apply AB FX ten minutes prior to workout to desired muscle areas. Rub directly into your skin until cream disappears. Note: You'll feel and see a slight warmth and redness were applied. This is the results of the fat mobilization and will gradually fade after use. Wash hands immediately after application. Re-apply as desired. AB FX can also be applied after a hot shower or bath once the skin is completely dry. 

The Most Effective Transdermal Fat Burner On the Market! 

  • Advanced transdermal formula
  • Designed to get rid of hard to lose abdominal fat - fast


  • Chaihu (3%) - Works through process of lipolysis to reduce cellulite, firm tissue and hydrate skin.
  • Elderberry/Glycerin - Combination provides an osmotic diuretic effect.
  • L-Carnitine/Caffeine/CoA (5%, 1%, 150ppm) - Acts like a “one way fat pump”, moving fat deposits across the mitochondria 

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