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FireDrol by GE Pharma (ALERT This formula is discontinued Buy now) BlowOut Sale

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Directions: Take 3 capsules upon awakening and then take 3 capsules 30-60 minutes prior to workout.

FireDrol Helps to spike your Test-levels to the max. 

Best Used Date 1-17

Only While supplies last. All sales final. No returns.

One cycle of FireDrolâ„¢ test-formula will raise Free-Test in the blood and your Test-levels by 1500%. Contains research driven ingredients.The anabolic and androgenic stimulation effects of FireDrolâ„¢ are explosive gains in strength, power, endurance and energy.  Firedrol results in noticeable, unbeatable strength-endurance, explosive muscle mass, and power and energy.

FireDrol explodes and strengthens muscles with a mind blowing endurance This powerful formula saturates muscle tissue ultimately resulting in amazing increases of lactate threshold and strength.


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