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Carbs have been painted as disgusting little vermin that do nothing but make you fat, lazy, and disgusting. The reason is that eating carbs increase insulin, the body’s storage hormone. Insulin can either shuttle carbs into fat or muscle depending on your genetics, and for most individuals, they have poor genetics, which means eating carbs inevitably leads to increased fat.
That’s where Glycolog comes in. It helps hacks your genetic code to make insulin work for you, not against you. Glycolog helps in acting like nutrient partitioner, directs those carbs you eat into your muscles and not your adipose tissue.
Using Glycolog means carbs are back on the menu again, and they’re bringing some serious lean gains with them!

Limited Offer FREE GenXLabs Chrysin

Helps Increases Free Testosterone For Both Men and Women
A Must for Any Cycle

  • Helps Blocks the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen.*
  • Helps Elevates Natural Testosterone*
  • Supports  Libido 
  • Supports Body Fat Loss

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