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Biotin 60 caps by NutraKey Health Preformance

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Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per container: 60 Amount Per Serving

Biotin (Vitamin B7) 5000 mcg

**No daily value has been established for this supplement
Other Ingredients; none. 100% pure Pharmaceutical Grade. Contains absolutely no added fillers, excipients, or substances.

Recommended Use: Take 1 serving (1 capsule) with water or your favorite beverage twice daily on an empty stomach.Take first dose in the morning & second dose one half hour prior to lunch.



NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, consult your health care professional before using this product. People with known medical conditions and/or taking drugs should consult with a licensed physician prior to taking any dietary supplements.

Promotes Healthy Hair and Strong Nails!*

Essential vitamin for Healthy Hair & Skin

  • Powerful B-Complex
  • Supports Healthy Hair and Skin
  • Essential for Fat Metabolism
  • Assists Amino Acid Metabolism
  • Blood sugar regulation

Biotin is a coenzyme in the metabolism of fatty acids and leucine, and it plays a role in gluconeogenesis. Biotin is necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. Biotin is a B-Complex Vitamin. B-Vitamins play an important role in cell metabolism.

Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions that happen in living organisms to maintain life. Biotin is a coenzyme in the metabolism of fatty acids and leucine, and it plays a role in gluconeogenesis.

A cofactor is a non-protein chemical compound that is bound to a protein and is required for the protein’s biological activity. These proteins are commonly enzymes, and cofactors can be considered “helper molecules” that assist in biochemical transformations. Fatty acids are usually derived from triglycerides or phospholipids. When they are not attached to other molecules, they are known as “free” fatty acids. Fatty acids are important sources of fuel because, metabolized, they yield large quantities of ATP

The B vitamins may be necessary to:

  • Support and increase the rate of metabolism
  • Maintain healthy skin and muscle tone
  • Enhance immune and nervous system function
  • Promote cell growth and division, including that of the red blood cells that help prevent anemia
  • Reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer – one of the most lethal forms of cancer – when consumed in food, but not when ingested in vitamin tablet form.
  • All B vitamins are water-soluble, and are dispersed throughout the body. Most of the B vitamins must be replenished regularly, since any excess is excreted in the urine.

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