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L-Arginine & L-Ornitine 750 mg 250 cap by Body & Fitness BLOWOUT SALE 50-80% Off

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Each capsule contains:

Arginne .. 500 mg

Ornithine .. 250 mg

Suggested use: as a dietary supplement take 1 capsule daily or as directed by a trainer

What is  L-Arginine & L-Ornithine?

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L-Arginine HCl & L-Ornithine is a combination of two closely related amino acids in one easy-to-take supplement. L-ornithine is a non-protein amino acid that the body uses to make L-arginine. 

L-arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid, meaning that under normal circumstances, the body can synthesize sufficient L-arginine, but certain health situations can increase the demand for L-arginine beyond the body’s ability to make it. 

How does  L-Arginine & L-Ornithine support health?

When taken in conjunction with high-intensity strength training, L-arginine and L-ornithine may help increase strength and lean body mass.*

High-dose L-arginine may help maintain blood pressure levels already within normal range.*

L-arginine may be a valuable nutrient for men’s sexual health.* 

Arginine & Ornitine are popular choice among bodybuilders, weightlifters and serious athletes, L-arginine and L-ornithine can help build muscle. As a precursor to nitric oxide (NO), a naturally occuring substance in the body, L-arginine helps increase exercise capacity, endurance and recovery.*  



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