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5 of the Best of GenXLabs Test-ABOL, AB12, XABOL, Chrysin, SterolABOL Plus Free GenXLabs T-Shirt

Test-ABOL 120 Caps

This powerful supplement will be the cornerstone of everyone's natural fitness and training program.

Get ready for the strongest natural pro-anabolic on the planet. Test-ABOL is powered by the all-stars of natural anabolic compounds; 

  • Raise Natural Free Test *
  • Reduces Estrogen *
  • Increases Libido *
  • Promotes Anabolic & Androgenic Activities *

AB12 60 Caps

Dibencozide is one of numerous forms of vitamin B12.  It is one of the most popular forms used by athletes because of its ability to provide a strong burst of energy. It is a biologically active form of vitamin B12, so it interacts directly with muscles, nerves and other cells, which helps it provide strong muscle energy and endurance. A side effect of this process is an increase in appetite, which makes the supplement appealing to athletes who want to gain size. 

  • Helping the body process protein.
  • Increasing muscle mass and strength.
  • Improving mental concentration.
  • Increasing Appetite.
  • Metabolizing Carbohydrates

XABOL 60 Caps

  • Build Muscle Lean!
  • Amplify Test!
  • Aromatase Inhibtor!
  • Manages Estrogen!
  • Shield Prostate!
  • Improve Definition!
  • Increases Vascularity 

Chrysin 60 Caps​

Why is Chrysin 750 important?

Having optimized hormone levels are important for efficient anabolism and metabolism - useful for anyone with a fitness goal in mind.  Maintaining healthy hormone levels is important for general health and for progress during fitness goals. GenXlabs Chrysin 750 may help in supporting healthy test-estrogen ratios in the body for both men and women.* 

  • Amplifers Test 
  • Prevent  Test From Converting into Estrogen*
  • Support Estrogen Suppression*​
  • Aromatase Inhibitor

SterolABOL 90 Caps

An innovative blend of natural, plant source, Test Anabolics, Sterols, Test supporting Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Detoxifiers & Performance Boosters create a support formula for every fitness conscious individual. SterolABOL's three plant Sterols, simlar to test, can effects on growing muscle while maintaining a healthy active glandular system.

  • Improves Test Production *
  • Helps Clear Receptor Buildup *
  • Contains Antioxidants & Detoxifiers *

*** This is a starter kit. Additional product may be needed depending of the length of cycle.


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