Glamour Anti-Age by Midway Labs

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Supports Healthy Aging*

Contains Resveratrol and Pycnogenol*

Powerful Nutraceutical Blend*

Anti-Age contains resveratrol and pycnogenol. Resveratrol is a powerful agent present in grape seeds, which protects healthy cells. The pycnogenol, present in pine bark extract, is a component rich in flavonoids, which capture free radicals, causing your skin to stay youthful and radiant.*

GLAMOUR ANTI-AGE is an ally for protecting the skin against the ravages of time. Developed by Midway Labs USA scientific council and formulated with the finest ingredients such as Pine Bark Extract and Resveratrol for a powerful nutraceutical blend, let Glamour Anti-Age nourish your beauty from the inside out.* 

What is it?

Glamour Anti-Age contains antioxidant & healthy aging blend such as Resveratrol and Pine Bark Extract. Let Glamour Anti-Age nourish your beauty from the inside out.* Convenient and practical to take, 1 golden tablet per day and you are done! 1 month supply.

Indications: Glamour Anti-Age is formulated for women and men who are looking for an antioxidant and healthy aging blend.*

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