Keto Shred (Keto Fat Burner Drink) by Sparta Nutrition

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Thermogenic Exogenous Ketone Catalyst

Ketogenic-diet-friendly fat burning drink powder that helps you get extra lean, give you energy, and keep you satisfied when you’re cutting the carbs.

  • Use Body Fat For Fuel
  • Maximize Your Metabolism
  • Reduce Appetite & Cravings
  • Increase Energy & Focus

•BHB Salts

Sparta Nutrition Keto Shred Ingredients

The key to any keto-specific supplement is BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) salts. BHB is the primary ketone body that the body produces once it starts burning fats for fuel — it goes through the process of ketogenesis that ultimately creates BHB (and a couple other molecules), which your mitochondria then use for energy when there’s no glucose around.

It turns out that you can take exogenous ketones in a supplement too, and they’ll boost the amount available in your bloodstream, boosting energy available to you.

These compounds help with the transition from carb-burning to fat burning. As an exogenous form of ketones used by the body when you’re living the no-carb (+ moderate protein) lifestyle, they can even help you from bouncing out of ketosis during your transition[1,2] or even when you accidentally take too many carbs or protein! On top of it, consuming BHB’s may also help lower anxiety too.

In terms of actual weight loss, realize that these do provide calories, and are energy to be burnt, but it’s minimal (estimations are somewhere from 4.5 to 5.5 calories per gram). The benefit is that we’re seeing some lowering of blood glucose levels when they’re used, and ultimately may be beneficial to dieters, especially those who aren’t deep into the zone.

Sparta Nutrition has included the three well known BHB salts in the form of:

•Calcium BHB (5.5g)

•Sodium BHB (4g)

•Magnesium BHB (2.5g)

Together these three should give your body some “juice” to run on when you’re no longer throwing down the carbs morning, noon, and night – but again, do realize that despite the label, they do provide minimal calories.

Below, we discuss some other critical benefits of these BHB salts, but they’re geared towards overall well-being and not burning fat, so let’s move on to the rest of Keto Shred and get to the bonus benefits later.

•MCT Oil Powder (3g)

Sparta Nutrition Keto Shred Benefits

Burn fat, boost metabolism, and reduce appetite with Sparta Keto Shred

Another bigtime keto ingredient is Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil. It’s naturally found in dairy products, palm oil, and coconut oil, but there’s also a bunch of other saturated fats with it as well. Here, Sparta Nutrition has include only the “good” stuff in that their MCT oil powder is standardized to 50% Caprylic Acid.

The “buzz” to MCTs in general is that they bypass the liver and are immediately taken up and used for energy by the body, similar to how fast-acting carbs provide immediate energy.] MCTs also offer antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory benefits,[5,6] making them a valuable ingredient for any individual, not just the keto crowd.

MCTs boost blood ketone levels while not boosting blood sugar levels, which means better energy for keto dieters. But realize, these too provide calories (roughly 8.7 calories per gram).

•Caffeine Anhydrous (175mg)

Like all good fat burners, Keto Shred includes a moderate dose of caffeine. If you’ve ever dieted before, even in your carb-crushing days, you know that dieting brings with it a considerable drop in energy, focus, and motivation. Well, here’s your liquid motivation folks.

175mg caffeine anhydrous (per 2 scoops) is more than enough to get you going in the morning and have you on your game, no matter how many carbs or calories you cut. Aside from the energy boost, caffeine also helps reduce appetite, increase metabolism,  and reduce insulin sensitivity.

•Sensoril® Ashwagandha (125mg)

Ashwagandha is one of the most popular, and frequently supplemented, ingredients for alleviate stress and anxiety. The herb is a potent adaptogen that improves the body and mind’s response to all manner of stressors in the world.

Sensoril is one of the two leading forms of ashwagandha extract on the market (KSM-66 being the other). Sensoril is standardized for 8% Withanolides and has a battery of studies showing it reduces stress, improves cognitive performance, and combat endothelial dysfunction.

•InnoSlim® (125mg)

Developed by NuLiv Science, InnoSlim® is a patented, proprietary extract combining Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus. Research on the stimulant-free compound demonstrates it activates the adiponectin enzyme, leading to better glucose metabolism regulation and fatty acid oxidation, allowing for better fat loss.[

•L-Theanine (100mg)

To help smooth the hit of th 175mg of caffeine comes the “energy-taming” amino acid L-Theanine. Found in tea leaves, theanine reduces the harsh hit of caffeine by promoting a more relaxed, controlled focus. The two work together to enhance cognitive function and help take the “edge” off the rush of stimulants, avoiding any anxiety that might spring up when taking larger doses of caffeine.

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