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Apply 4-6 pumps of ANDRO SHRED™ twice daily (TWO Month Supply Using 10 Pumps daily!) to the arms, shoulders or abdominal area one or two times daily. Other areas may be used such as the forearms, back and inner thighs. Ensure the areas are clean and free from excessive hair.


• Safe for Males & Females

• Increase Energy & Focus

• Enhance Fat Loss

• Increase Metabolism

• Cortisol Control

• TWO Month Supply Using 10 Pumps daily!

7-Keto-DHEA® is unique among other derivatives of DHEA because of its oxygenated 7-position. 

 This molecular configuration imparts different characteristics to the molecule, and research reveals

 that 7-keto-DHEA® has multiple distinct effects in the body.  

Increased Metabolism/Weight Loss

 7-Keto-DHEA® demonstrates documented thermogenic activity in rats. This is accomplished through the activation 

 of three thermogenic enzymes: Glycerol-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase, Malic Enzyme and Fatty Acyl CoA Oxidase. 

 In keeping with the biological definition of thermogenesis, all three of these enzyme activations drive 

 energy-producing substrates in a direction of less efficient ATP production relative to heat production. 

 The enzymes also promote the utilization of fat stores for energy and heat production. This is the basis 

 for the ability of 7-keto-DHEA® to enhance thermogenesis and, through that mechanism, accelerate the

 utilization of fat stores for energy.

7-Keto-DHEA® achieves this thermogenic effect without cardiovascular or central nervous system side effects, 

 which are commonly seen with stimulant-associated thermogenic agents.

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