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Apply 4-6 pumps of ANDRO HARD™ twice daily (TWO Month Supply Using 10 Pumps daily!) to the arms, shoulders or abdominal area one or two times daily. Other areas may be used such as the forearms, back and inner thighs. Ensure the areas are clean and free from excessive hair.

Andro Now delivered in a topical gel.

Andro Hard will transform you! For many years androsterone was considered the primary male hormone until testosterone was discovered from concentrated testicular extracts many years later. The strongest naturally occurring androgen is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Only AndroHard contains Super-R-DHEA (androsterone enanthate) — a highly bio-available, 5a-reduced metabolite of DHEA — which sky rockets DHT levels within 3 hours of application.

• Extreme Muscle Hardness

• Bloat & Water Reduction

• Increased Strength & Vascularity

• Increased Libido & Aggression

• TWO Month Supply Using 10 Pumps daily!

Although testosterone proved to be a more potent mass building agent, androsterone showed relatively potent androgenic and anabolic properties as it was an only 2 steps away from the most powerful naturally occurring androgen in the human body – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As bodybuilders have long known, strong androgens such as DHT produce a “dry” and “hard” appearance by drawing water from under the skin and into the muscle tissue thus enhancing vascularity.

Andro Hard delivers the androgenic power of 100mg per topical application (per 20 pumps daily / 1 bottle = 4 weeks) of injectable DHT. Andro Hard reinforces manly hardness by blocking the fat storing and water storing properties of estrogen. Part of the mechanism is by androgenic interference with the estrogen receptor (ER) and lowering circulating estrogen levels by competitively inhibiting the aromatase enzyme.

Guaranteed Absorption. No needles, no pills, no liver stress! – Yet we are achieving the highest bioavailability of any product in the world! 

Effects after 1-2 weeks:

• Enhanced vascularity

• Increased Libido

• Frequent hard erections

• Intensified muscular strength


Effects after 3-4 weeks:

• 4-6lbs lean mass increase

• Increased muscle definition/hardness

• 20-30% increase in strength

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