Ultimate Orange by Hi-Tech Double Pack

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For Seriously Hardcore Workouts 

•This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Preworkout

•Increase Muscle Mass and Strength

•Perfect Focus & Blistering Energy

•Enhanced with Ephedra 

In 1982, Ultimate Orange created what has now become one of the largest categories in sports supplements - preworkout powders. Athletes from all backgrounds knew the funky can and bold colors held something special. Some that allowed unheard of strength, size, energy all while with laser focus. Well now, the Original Pre-Workout Intensifier is back! With more explosive power than any previous pre-workout powder has ever possessed. Ultimate Orange combines the strength  in one single, delicious product.

Ultimate Orange is back and better than ever!

Each retro branded 16oz Ultimate Orange container delivers the intense power you remember, in the original Orange Flavor you love! When you pop open the can and mix your first drink, a massive flood of energy will surge through your veins in just minutes. Just one serving of Ultimate Orange combines the explosive formula of QuadraCarb, Taurine, and Caffeine! In addition, we stacked Focus-In™ with L-Tyrosine to provide the mental focus needed to blast through sticking points and workout barriers. Even more we've added 13g of America’s #1 selling protein - HydroPro Whey, ensuring immediate and effective muscle recovery. Don't waste your time and money on so-called preworkouts that fail to deliver. Ultimate Orange - The Original Workout preworkout, is back and available now!

The Ultimate Orange Ingredients

This truly is a throwback to the pre workout of old:

Benefits & Results

•Crazy Intense Energy

•Increase Size & Strength

•Razor Sharp Focus

•Effective Muscle Recovery

•The Same Retro Bottle & Taste as the Original

Ultimate Orange Ingredients

•Caffeine (100mg)

•Ephedra Extract (25mg)

•Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate (providing 13g protein)

•QuadraCarb (Providing 16g carbohydrates)

•Essential Amino Acids (2,610mg)

•…and a whole slew of vitamins and minerals

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